Cactus Creek Hotel, Menu, Prices, Location

The lovely retreat of Cactus Creek is tucked away among Aburi’s lush green hills.

Less than an hour separates this tranquil retreat, “a haven of calm,” from the frantic and crowded Accra.

You’ll notice a startling difference when you take in the refreshing mountain breeze and take in the relaxing sights of rare flowers and butterflies.

Enjoy the inviting facilities. Don’t miss the magnificent sunset, and enjoy the musical birdcalls as you awaken to the lovely daybreak. Our mountain view bar and game area offers a range of games and additional stunning views for those of our visitors who are looking for something a little more than butterflies and birds.

Cactus Creek includes airy outdoor seating areas that give guests privacy and relaxation and tastefully decorated safe spaces as part of covid principles.

For those who enjoy swimming, feel free to enter the pool and cool off at the nearby natural juice bar.
Simply said, “a haven of serenity” for anyone seeking to pamper oneself or a loved one, Cactus Creek is. Long-lasting memories will be made by you.


Cactus Creek Room Prices

Standard Superior – GH₵ 925.77 ( per night)

Executive Superior – GH₵ 1,061.64 (per night)

Standard Single – GH₵ 727.53 (per night)

Superior Twin – GH₵ 1,061.64 (per night)


Cactus Creek Food and Drinks Menu