Ghanaian Rapper E.L. Collaborates with Oliver Twist Shack for ‘Back To Azonto’ Party

Ghanaian rapper E.L. has partnered with Oliver Twist Shack, a well-known eatery, for a fun project. The two parties are collaborating to put on a special event that promises a special combination of musical and culinary treats.

E.L., whose live concert dubbed ‘Back To Azonto’ party , slated for the 1st of July 2023 is scheduled to take place at Oliver Twist Shack, will display his tremendous talent and enthrall the audience with his top-charting tunes. Attendees will have the chance to have a memorable musical evening that is matched by the delectable food served by Oliver Twist Shack.

The rapper is prepared to give fans and visitors an unforgettable experience as a well-known rapper who is well-known for his spectacular performances and contagious energy. Attendees may anticipate the perfect fusion of entertainment and culinary delight at Oliver Twist Shack, which offers the ideal environment and mouthwatering food.

This partnership between E.L. and Oliver Twist Shack is a prime example of Ghana’s thriving cultural scene, where cuisine and music combine to produce an unforgettable experience. It is an occasion that highlights the diversity of the local culinary industry and Ghana’s wealth of artistic ability.

The event’s renowned in-house DJs, including award-winning Ghanaian DJ DJ Lord OTB, DJ Fraxx, DJ Lenzy, and DJ Freddi, will entertain attendees to a wonderful mix of Azonto music. Special guests DJ Mr. Day and guest artist Luta will also be on the program, adding to the excitement and promising to liven up the evening with their special performances.