Global Citizen’s Comeback: What’s Drawing Them Back to Ghana?

Global Citizen organized an outstanding concert at the Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana on September 24, 2022, featuring performances by SZA, Sarkodie, Stormzy, Tems, Usher, and other stars. In terms of production, it was truly among the best-organized events that the nation has ever seen. Attendee requests for the event to return have been strong all year, but sadly, Kendrick will be the event’s headliner this year when it is held in Rwanda. On the plus side, a recently announced project by Kendrick and Global Citizen suggests that the event will probably return to Ghana very soon.

Renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar and his media company, pgLang, are joining hands with Global Citizen to introduce Move Afrika, an exciting initiative that seeks to establish an annual touring circuit across the African continent. This initiative is set to kick off in Rwanda on December 6th and has grand aspirations to inspire local artists while propelling Africa’s rich culture and creativity onto the global stage.

The Move Afrika project spans over five years and aims to generate job opportunities and open doors through immersive concerts and events across Africa. The concept behind it is not only to deliver memorable music experiences but to foster economic and artistic growth. As the project unfolds, the organizers are envisioning the expansion of Move Afrika to encompass tour stops in five different African countries by the year 2025.

What sets Move Afrika apart is its commitment to involving local talent in each area where the concerts take place. This means that audiences can look forward to performances by artists deeply connected to the region, ensuring an authentic and rich cultural experience.

Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang will serve as Move Afrika’s curator through 2028, underscoring his dedication to bringing African talent and creativity into the global spotlight. This exciting partnership between Lamar, pgLang, and Global Citizen has the potential to revolutionize the African music and entertainment industry, providing fresh opportunities for artists and a unique musical experience for audiences worldwide. As the project takes flight in Rwanda this December, it marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the African music scene.