Gomoa Wonderland : Location, Prices, Food Menu, Room Prices

One of my ambitions for this year is to visit as many places within and outside the capital .  This has been high on my priority list for a while, but owing to my lack of motivation, I haven’t been able to get started.

This adventure began with a trip to Gomoa Wonderland, a magnificent getaway area ideal for picnics, campers, leisure, and more. It is located 30 minutes after Kasoa at Gomoa Eduafo. It is an easy to find location. All the way from the main road to the Wondaland, there are signboards placed at strategic vantage spots to help with nagivation. Other than a few sporadic potholes on the road leading to the Gomoa Eduafo township, there is little to be concerned about. Traffic? Not much cause for concern either. Just a minor traffic delay near the Liberia Camp (Buduburam) in Kasoa. It takes a bit more than 6 minutes to get out of there.

Let me briefly walk you through my experience at the Gomoa Wondaland. You must pay a price of 30 cedis at the entrance for regular admission or 100ghc for the entire package.  The 30 cedis gets you access to all the gaming facilities only at the grounds, while the 100ghc gets you access to all of the gaming facilities plus food and drink. When I arrived, there were a variety of games and activities available, including archery, boat riding, golf, see-saw, football, basketball, table tennis, and other board games.  There were a few ATV bikes parked around the eating area but they were all faulty. Most of the gaming facilities were in poor condition and requires serious maintenance and repair. But I gave most of them a shot. Gomoa Wondaland spans a huge region of land with a backdrop reminiscent of the Garden of Eden that is tranquil and serene lol. Although Garden of Eden may be a bit of an exaggeration, the surroundings are lovely.

So, let’s talk about the food. As I noted in the beginning, I paid 100GHC for entry, which includes food and drink. Upon arrival, you are quickly directed to the dining area where you can select the meal you’d want to eat. There were four options: plain rice with chicken, Banku with fish, fried rice with chicken, and jollof rice with chicken.I went for the Fried Rice and Chicken. The food is delivered hot off the grill. The taste is average, and the portion is small, despite the fact that you served with two large chicken drumsticks. Every time you decide to go, I’d suggest keeping some snacks or additional meals in your car. Their meals are a little costly for the portion they serve.

There are 6 rooms available for guests to stay in. Prices range from 350 GHC to 550 GHC. They all include breakfast and access to all on-site amenities. Camping tents are available for campers and group travellers for a cost of 150ghc for single occupancy and 350ghc for double occupancy.

I spent 150 cedis in total on lunch and transportation. I split the gas costs with a friend who drives a Vitz. We didn’t spend much on transportation because Toyata Vitz don’t consume a lot of gas. Overall, the journey was exciting.

Below is a recap of my trip to the Gomoa Wonderland.