Kōzo is a cool modern take on the Asian fusion eating experience, located in the centre of Accra, Ghana. The concept is inspired by the contrast between tropical Asian simplicity and contemporary Asian minimalism.

Kōzo delivers a novel and yet interesting dining and social experience by combining a stylish environment, Asian tropical decor, and Pan Asian food.

Kōzo is a Japanese word that denotes… In Asia, Kōzo is a paper Mulberry plant. Bark cloth was made from paper mulberry by ancient Austronesians. It comes from subtropical regions of mainland Asia and is one of the best proofs of the Austronesian expansion’s mainstream “Out of Taiwan” idea. This represents our basic ethos and mission, which is to encourage global community development with a focus on social conscience.


With a freshly developed cuisine and tailored beverage menu, Kozo’s bar and lounge area overlooks a lively outdoor garden that adds a new level of fun and refinement.


Kōzo operates a smart casual dress code. Customers clothed in  Shorts, Sportwear, Tattered Jeans, Beach slipers and Flip-Flops will be denied entry.







Monday – Saturday 6:00PM – 12:00AM

Sunday 4:00PM – 12:00AM


To make reservations, kindly click here.


Love the ambiance and the organization. Clean and relaxing environment. The check-in at the entrance is definitely a good thing. Customer service was top notch and I was quite impressed. Foods are a bit pricy but they were so good and definitely worth it. Their cocktails are equally nice too. I had to order again after finishing the first one. Make sure to book before you try to go there. Parking space is quite a problem


Great place with delicious meals and drinks. You can dine in the indoor or outdoor areas. Indoor area gives a more intimate feel imo. Customer service is great. Quite expensive but worth it. The menu is also quite limited. Absolutely recommend. I’m not so sure about walk-ins. I’d recommend making reservations ahead of time. The baobab dessert is my absolute favorite.
Best sushi I’ve had so far in Ghana. I liked it a lot. Nice drinks too. Apart from that.. the other meals are just okay. It’s a fine dining experience so prepare to open your wallet. And oh… the famous white walls with the Kozo sign should be painted often. Loads of people go there to take pictures so it’s quite visibly stained. Edit: the dessert menu is limited (actually the entire menu is) and the most popular choice on it seems to be the “bounty”. It was rock hard. Saw a number of people like us struggling to hack it.
Wooah! This was an amazing experience hands down! The ambiance, the service, the food and drinks…phenomenal! Definitely one of the best dining experiences in Gahana…Definitely need to make reservations EARLY if you want a chance to get in!
I have to say this is one of the best restaurants and lounge in Accra. The décor is above what I was expecting to see. The feel of the place was amazing and the staff was truly amazing. I first enjoyed the indoors dining experience with a drink and a few appetizers. I then move to the bar where I enjoy some of the best cocktails in Accra made by mixologist Mark. I will post some pictures for you to see. Mark and the whole staff made my final day in Ghana an amazing one.