Ministry of Foreign Affairs Announces Increase in Ghana Passport Fees

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a significant announcement regarding the fees for Ghanaian passports, effective immediately. As of April 1st, 2024, there has been a substantial increase in the cost of passport applications, with the standard application fee experiencing a notable surge.

Previously priced at 100 Ghana cedis, the standard passport application fee has undergone a staggering 500% increase, now standing at 500 Ghana cedis. This significant hike represents a substantial adjustment in passport pricing, aimed at aligning with current administrative and operational costs.

In addition to the standard passport application fee, other passport-related services have also been affected by the fee adjustment. Applicants are advised to take note of the revised pricing structure to avoid any inconvenience during the application process. The updated prices for various passport applications are as follows:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cited various factors contributing to the decision to revise passport fees. These factors include rising administrative costs, enhanced security measures, and the need to maintain efficient passport processing services amid increasing demand.

While the fee increase may come as a surprise to some, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that it is necessary to ensure the sustainability of passport services in Ghana. The revised fees will enable the government to continue providing high-quality passport issuance and processing services to citizens and residents alike.

Citizens and residents planning to apply for or renew their passports are encouraged to take into account the revised fee structure and budget accordingly. Additionally, individuals are advised to stay updated on any further developments or changes related to passport services by consulting official government channels.