Photos : Sarkodie’s Jamz Tour Puts Ghana On the Map in New York

On the 15th of July 2023, the vibrant city of New York witnessed an unforgettable night of Ghanaian music as Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most celebrated music icons, took center stage at the renowned Town Hall. Music lovers were treated to a spellbinding performance at this eagerly awaited concert, which brought together a wide array of brilliant performers, including the iconic Ghanaian Highlife musician Kojo Antwi and Jamaican music superstar Kranium.

Sarkodie, famed for his dynamic stage presence brought his trademark fire and enthusiasm. The crowd was anticipating his performance, and the atmosphere was electric from the minute he took the stage. The audience exploded in yells and acclaim as the music started to fill the room, completely engrossed in the alluring world of Ghanaian music.

Adding to the international flair of the event, Jamaican music star Kranium graced the stage, further enriching the musical tapestry with his reggae-infused sounds. The collaboration of these performers gave the concert a worldwide perspective, emphasizing music’s universal language and its ability to unite cultures and communities.

Below are some images and videos from the event.