The Condo Series: DJ Lord OTB’s Intimate Event With Fans

The Condo Series, the first of a series of events orchestrated by DJ Lord OTB and his team, has been launched.

The Condo series, as it’s name suggests, is projected to be a series of events held indoors giving attendees a sense of togetherness and intimacy.

To declare the event launched, Dj Lord addressed party goers on the purpose of the series. In his speech he said ‘i think enjoyment should not be restricted to the popular places and the condo series is here to correct that’

This series of house parties comes in two folds, for each half of the year. Going forward, the proposed months for Dj Lord’s Condo Series are June/July and November/Decembers.

Every lover of all things partying and vibes, are entreated to be on the lookout for subsequent events under this series.

Below are some photos from the event below.