Accra Polo Club Restaurant, Menu, Prices, Location, Reviews

Accra Polo Club Restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant located in the heart of Accra, Ghana. It is located within the Accra Polo Club, and it offers stunning views of the polo field and the surrounding gardens.

The restaurant has a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, and it is known for its excellent service and exquisite cuisine. The menu features a variety of international dishes, including Italian, French, and Ghanaian cuisine.

Accra Polo Club Restaurant is a popular destination for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. It is also a popular spot for locals and tourists who are looking for a truly memorable dining experience.

Here are some of the things that Accra Polo Club Restaurant is known for:

  • Fine-dining restaurant
  • Stunning views
  • Sophisticated and elegant atmosphere
  • Excellent service
  • Exquisite cuisine
  • Popular destination for special occasions
  • Popular spot for locals and tourists

Accra Polo Club Restaurant Menu

Where Is Accra Polo Club Located?

Address: Airport Bypass Rd, Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 24 676 7777