AM & PM Bar And Restaurant, Ghana (Menu & Prices)

On the lower levels of the Villagio Towers, you may find the welcoming AM&PM Sports Bar and Restaurant. AM:PM is the place to go if you want a taste of both European breakfast and American breakfast.

You may have seen the multicolored towers that stretch into the hazy, sun-drenched sky as you drive through Accra. If you’ve been curious and even driven close, you should go see the Villaggio Towers.

The Villaggio Towers are currently Accra’s tallest structures (2018). There is only one location in Accra where you can enjoy an unrestricted 360-degree view, and that is the 27-floor structure with the Alto, which is a part of the Villagio residential properties and offices.

The AM&PM Sports bar and restaurants not only offer delicious meals but also host a number of weekly events, such as cocktail hours and art exhibits.

Look below for their menu and pricing.