Bubble Tea In Accra : Locations, Menu, Prices

As the vibrant city of Accra continues to evolve, a delightful trend has been steadily making its mark on the culinary landscape – the growing popularity of boba tea. This captivating trend, which features tapioca balls suspended in a variety of tea-based beverages, also known as bubble tea, first emerged in Taiwan and has now found its place among the diverse flavors of Accra.

For those in Accra who are eager to experience the joy of sipping on a boba-infused beverage, several spots in the city have introduced Boba Tea to their menus. These establishments have seized the opportunity to provide a diverse array of flavors and combinations, catering to the palates of their local patrons.

In these venues, you’ll find an exciting variety of options – from traditional tea bases to fruit-infused concoctions, each adorned with the iconic tapioca pearls that add a playful texture to every sip. Accra’s culinary scene is known for its ability to meld global flavors with local preferences, and boba tea is no exception. Some establishments have taken it a step further, incorporating local ingredients and innovative twists that are a true reflection of Accra’s vibrant culture.

Below are some recommendations.

1.Fikatea house

Location : La & East Legon

Contact :0594710051

2. Fat Josh Boba

Location : Achimota golf hills.

Opening hours : Monday -Saturday 10am-7pm

Contact: 0269562688

3.Blue Memory Tea House Osu

Location :Osu



4. Haniel’s Bubble Tea

Location : Teshie

Opening hours : Mondays-Saturdays 12pm-6pm

Contact:055 997 0299

5. Pantita Thai Restaurant

Location: Labone



6. Sweet Roses Chinese restaurant

Location : Junction mall, Achimota mall, Marina mall .

Contact :0543700588


7. Sweet Tooth Desserts

Location: Okponglo ,East Legon

Opening hours :Mondays- Saturdays 9am – 9pm

Contact: 0552995703


8.Island lounge & Bar

Location: Osu

Contact : 0553245879

Opening hours : Monday – Sunday 11 am – 11pm


9.Green Leaf Cafe

Location: Osu / Tema community 25

Opening hours -Monday – Saturday 7am- 9pm

Contact :0559300556


10.Bubba Gh

Delivery only

Contact : 0575814041


11.Daddy Boba

Location : East Legon

Opening hours – 12pm-6pm

Contact : 0546169341