Cake Shops In Accra : Joyful Cakes Osu, Menu, Prices, Location

Joyful Cakes Osu

In the heart of Osu, Accra, there’s a bakery that’s spreading happiness one sweet treat at a time – Joyful Cakes Osu. This delightful bakery has become a beloved destination for those seeking delectable donuts and desserts perfect for any celebration, big or small.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or the joy of everyday life, Joyful Cakes Osu has something special in store for you. Their specialty lies in crafting mouthwatering donuts that are not just desserts but edible expressions of joy. These donuts come in a rainbow of flavors and designs, making them ideal for adding a dash of sweetness to your memorable moments.

But the sweetness doesn’t stop at donuts. Joyful Cakes Osu offers an array of pastries, cookies, and other sweet delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds. From flaky croissants to gooey chocolate chip cookies, there’s a treat for every craving.


Joyful Cakes Menu

Joyful Cakes Location & Contact Details

Address : Trinity House, Ring Rd E, Accra

Phone: 0554322576 or 0266240348

Open Hours: Mon-sat 7.30am- 6pm delivery available

Email: [email protected]