Darkovibes Returns To His Roots With Mega Concert On The 8th And 9th Of April

We are coming home! Over the years, the good people of Mallam-Gbawe have held brand Darkovibes down. The love, support and motivation has spurred him on to this height and he’s immensely grateful to my people. The brand has resolved to reconnect with the core fanbase and work tirelessly on adding new members to the ever growing family through live experiences.
It is only right that he set this goal in motion by coming home. This Easter he has a number of activities curated specially for the good people of Mallam-Gbawe and it’s immediate environs. On 8th April, 2023, fans and patrons will converge at the Kokroko Park in mallam and have a health walk to Gbawe. There will be an aerobics session, games and donation at the Akwawe Hospital immediately after.
On 9th April, 2023, there will have a Mega Concert at the Mallam Station. This venue is strategic and important because it evokes fond memories for the artiste since the house which he lived in at mallam whiles growing up is not far from the station. Also, the station is a strategic point that connects mallam to Gbawe, Weija, Kasoa, Pambros, Dansoman, Odorkor, Kwashieman and it’s immediate environs.