House Music Lovers Thrilled At Ghana’s First DJ Concert Hosted By Merqury Quaye

Carrying forward his own legacy of awe-inspiring DJ events, the legendary Ghanaian record producer and DJ, Merqury Quaye delivered yet another sumptuous historic event, Ghana’s first 100% DJ concert dubbed “Merqury Quaye Live”, at the Laboma Beach, Accra on March 5.

Having graced the onset of 2023 from the same venue on new year’s day, the Ultimate Entertainer of the year award winner is going through one of the best stints of his career lately and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Following the announcement of his first headlined show, Merqury Quaye Live, the streets of Accra got engulfed with billboards, floats and median signs, whipping up excitement towards Ghana’ first 100% DJ concert held on March 5.

Featuring a perfect blend of evergreen dance-pop classics and rave sounds, Merqury Quaye served attendees with a fair taste of progressive house and techno, making his set an ideal option for lovers of all genres.

Having made critical contributions towards the evolution of the DJ industry over the years through the creation of the Ghana DJ Awards and DJ Clinic, the artist and programmer has been dominating the space for more than a decade now. But his excitement and energy levels during all of his live acts are as fresh as new, and his performance at the Laboma Beach resort was even much more energetic.

“Working on this concert has allowed me to bring an amazing new creation to life with design and production to suit the desire of thousands of music lovers,” said Merqury. “We’ve built something that will play host to one of the most unique shows I’ve ever done and I’m grateful for the thousands of fans who attended my first headlined concert.”

Merqury Quaye Live Concert makes Merqury the first DJ to pull off a 100% DJ concert in Ghana. “This is to show my fellow DJs that they are in a position to headline shows and have thousands of music fans attend like my concert registered”, Merqury added.

Merqury Quaye Live Concert opened with a reggae set by Asaase Radio DJ, King Lagazee who delivered a fantastic Reggae as the audience sang along, followed by DJ Raennie who took the event to another level with back-to-back hip hop tunes.

DJ Legend took over with Ghanaian classics from the likes of Praye, Castro, R2Bees and Samini, followed by DJ Phantom, DJ Azonto and DJ Toyor.

It was a spectacle when Merqury Quaye took to the stage amidst fireworks, with Mavado’s ‘On the rock’ blazing from the loudspeakers.

From Rihanna’s ‘we found love’ to Shakira’s ‘this time for Africa’, Merqury delivered a plausible performance which got the audience asking for more before he called two ladies from the crowd to come upstage to give a shot at DJing on the turntables.

Merqury thanked the fans for attending the historical concert and got the national anthem of Ghana played to celebrate the independence of Ghana.