Eat Well, Spend Less: The Best Affordable Eateries in East Legon

East Legon, an energetic neighborhood in Accra, Ghana, renowned for its thriving culinary landscape, offers a plethora of delectable dining experiences without breaking the bank.

Here are some pocket-friendly eatery worth exploring in East Legon:

Essis Eatery

Nestled in a tranquil and laid-back setting, Essis Eatery is an excellent choice for those eager to savor authentic Ghanaian cuisine. With an extensive array of dishes ranging from kenkey and fufu to jollof rice and waakye, their menu caters to diverse palates.

Notably, the prices at Essis Eatery are highly reasonable, ensuring that affordability does not compromise the deliciousness of their offerings.

For as little as GHc 30, you can enjoy a casual and enjoyable meal with friends or family.

Geo’s Tearoom and Grill

Geo’s Tearoom and Grill is a beloved establishment that attracts patrons seeking delightful breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Their menu boasts a tempting selection of sandwiches, salads, and burgers, satisfying various culinary preferences. Additionally, the presence of a well-stocked bar allows guests to complement their meals with refreshing beverages.

The ambiance at Geo’s Tearoom and Grill is relaxed, and their fare consistently delivers delectable flavors while remaining highly affordable.

Soul Restaurant & Bar

As a laid-back dining venue, Soul Restaurant & Bar presents an enticing fusion of Ghanaian and international cuisine. With a diverse menu encompassing burgers, Salmon with Roasted Vegetables, pizzas, and pasta, they cater to a wide range of tastes.

To enhance your dining experience, Soul Restaurant & Bar also offers a full bar where you can enjoy a drink that perfectly complements your meal.

La Brasa

For aficionados of succulent grilled chicken and an assortment of tantalizing chicken-based dishes, La Brasa is a go-to destination. Alongside their flavorsome poultry offerings, La Brasa provides a delightful array of sides such as rice, plantains, and salad. Moreover, their menu includes grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, and a selection of cocktails and wines.

La Brasa has earned a reputation as a favored establishment among both locals and tourists, thanks to its budget-friendly yet scrumptious offerings and welcoming service.

Marwako Restaurant

Marwako Restaurant, a renowned chain eatery, prides itself on serving a blend of Ghanaian and continental cuisine. Their extensive menu features a wide range of dishes, all offered at highly reasonable prices.

One of the restaurant’s signature highlights is the chicken shawarma, a mouthwatering creation comprising grilled chicken, hummus, and vegetables.

These mentioned eateries merely scratch the surface of the abundant options available in East Legon for those seeking affordable culinary experiences. With such a diverse selection, you are certain to find a dining establishment that caters to your unique preferences.