Ghana and the Bahamas Ink Visa Waiver Agreement: Diplomatic, Service, and Ordinary Passport Holders Eligible

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has officially announced the signing of a visa waiver agreement between Ghana and the Bahamas. The circular released by the Ministry provides crucial information for the general public and relevant Ghanaian aviation authorities, airline companies, and services.

The agreement, applicable to holders of diplomatic, service, and ordinary passports, marks a milestone in bilateral relations between Ghana and the Bahamas. This strategic move aims to facilitate smoother travel and foster stronger ties between the two nations.

The Ministry’s circular serves as a formal notification to ensure that the public and pertinent authorities are aware of this new development. By disseminating this information, the Ministry aims to streamline the implementation of the visa waiver and avoid any potential confusion or complications for travelers.

Ghanaian aviation authorities, airline companies, and services are urged to take note of the visa waiver agreement. This information is vital for the seamless processing of travel documentation and the provision of accurate guidance to passengers falling under the specified passport categories.