Steeze Africa In Collaboration With Elevate Network Presents ‘The Art Of Independence’ Art Festival

Still, the one to beat after close to half a decade in the game, Steeze Africa is progressively becoming the leading light for Accra’s art festival scene. Famed for its awe-inspiring production, stage design, lighting, visuals, and all-encompassing mythology as well as dazzling African and contemporary dance forms, it has become something of a pilgrimage for dance music fans the world over.

 Arguably the most recognizable global brand in contemporary African dance, Steeze Africa satellite might not quite match the sheer scale of their conglomerates but it doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to line-up or commitment to partying and throwing enlightenment to all age groups with.

Born out of the scene in the 2020s, the legendary festival is more-or-less in its league in Ghana in terms of size and scale. Phenomenal staging, consistently cutting-edge development, and line-ups packed with the biggest names in dancing, house, modeling, and more make the festival one of the best anywhere in the world.

Bursting into the scene at numerous Ghanaian Festival Awards for their debut edition in 2020, the Ghanaian dance giant, Steeze Africa can already boast some real pedigree despite still being in its comparative infancy; the festival has already welcomed a multitude of dance music global stars and around a ten of thousands of fans each year.

This has given the Steeze Africa team impetus to put up a show under the auspices of Elevate Network, dubbed “ART OF INDEPENDENCE” in a location full of historical symbolism, Jamestown Accra. The whole production is poised to happen on the 5th-6th of March 2023. The items for the show remain excellent main stage and bombastic outlook of; Choreographing, Performance, Directing, community engagement, and display of other line-up art rammed with dance music royalty. There is endless spirited showcasing of; Light, Spoken word, Costuming, and set designing amongst others. The best part is even though the program line-up is open to the GEN Zs it’s open to all from every walk of life.

Collaboration is at the centre of Steeze Africa’s life and ethos. Our partnerships with leading artistic organisations ensure that you will benefit from rich performance experiences and close networks with the profession.

Notable names in the upcoming festivals include; Adelaide Larbi-Amoah (Abena Lar), Sunday Olúwaṣeun Whedoku (Trybe 1 Art), George Kwabena Bauwah (Kobi Twitches), Nela Elle (Raja Moov) & Evans Ofori Gyebi (Elevate Network). The “THE ART OF INDEPENDENCE” platform will also be shared by talented choreographic talent, the aforementioned collaboration as well as guest artiste such as; Sunday Ozegbe Obiajulu, Addy Daniel Oyinkuro and many exciting artistes. With this collaboration, both organizations will share knowledge with each other and further connect the dance sector by giving varied talented art forms the opportunity to thrill and entertain and enlighten the base.

Taking place in the Epicenter of Jamestown finds the balance between a beach-side holiday and a full-throttle dance music festival. The scene’s heaviest hitters take to the stage across full days of unapologetic partying, with additional space on the lineup for more underground and bright-upcoming arts of a myriad of cultures.

As a non-profit organization, Steeze Africa seeks to focus on art activism and creation. A community for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn and express their viewpoints through dance, modeling, storytelling, art directing, stylizing, music, fellowships for skill-building, innovation, training, and other activities.

Its locus, Elevate Network is a startup studio, STEAM, and entrepreneurship initiative with a global portfolio. This is a two-day creative art festival that focuses on climate change and the development of young people within the Jamestown community in Accra.

This is a highly interactive art event that will teach the youth of Jamestown a variety of tools and frameworks to unlock their creativity and change the way they think about how to protect themselves. This will give them creative confidence right away and real business benefits. This will help creative people in Jamestown who want to add more practical and effective ways to open their minds, change their points of view, and get their ideas flowing.

Many times the perception of art is subjected to the fact that there isn’t any great thing that may come out and that do this at this time and then after you need to get something better to do. Meanwhile, as artists, we have been given the power and authority to heal, bring joy, impact lives and build something.

Also, improve how the community embodies and sees the true nature of the art they carry and the community they live … realize the power of what they carry and the fact that they carry it for a reason

Also, growing together with the community is an opportunity for me to tap into more parts of myself and get to learn from this root which happens to be a part of me

And then an opportunity to grow with a family in this art space. Like a broom, our strength involves; Strength, Choreographing, Performer, Directing, community engagement, Sound, and Working with the team. Be that as it may, we are fraught with some shortcomings;  Light, Spoken word, Costuming, and set designing areas we hope to polish and perfect.

So come out and experience the feel of being African and get Steezed in this historic engagement from the 5th-6th March, 2023. ELEVATE NETWORK, INSPIRE! EMPOWER! ACHIEVE!