Vakpor Volta 2023: Tourist Sites, Activities, Location, Dates, Ticket Prices

Tourism is the spice of life as it offers relaxation to the mind, joy to the soul, and fulfillment to the body.

Sightseeing, connection with nature, learning new things and an escape from the stress of everyday work life is definitely what one needs once a while.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the global financial melt down have not helped issues, thus taking tourism from the hands of most people.

There is however good news as Ablorde Tours Ltd seeks to give you a special and affordable treat this Easter with a 3- day trip with your favorite, John Dumelo dubbed “Vakpor Volta” which translates as “come see Volta.”


It will take place from 7th to 9th April, 2023. Apart from the fun of the trip, you get to interact with John Dumelo to share ideas and spend some time together.

You also get to see new sides of tourist attractions and have quality time since the team will be led by one of the finest tour guides in Ghana.


The trip promises you attractions such as Tafi-Abuife Kente Weaving Village, Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary, Snake Village, Mountain Afadza, WliWater Falls, Kpando-Fesi Pottery Home and a Boat Cruise at Adomi Bridge.


The packages are transportation, accommodation (2 nights/3 days), entrance fees, food: breakfast and dinner (buffet).

Ticket Prices

All these go for a cool GH¢1700 for singles and GH¢3000 for doubles. Pick up point is Accra Mall at exactly 6am on 7th April, 2023.

Such special trips come in a lifetime and you do not want to miss it.

Come, take time off and get pampered.

For further details, contact Ablode Tours Ltd on Facebook and Instagram or call/WhatsApp:
MoMo ID: 184171- 0555007014